Strange Odd Flags in the World

It's funny to think that some of our favorite Disney characters aren't real people but instead are just animations. Still, many are so lifelike that we can see them in our favorite celebs. So in honor of the new animated movie "Tangled"
we've rounded up some of our favorite Disney doppelgangers. It is a small world, after all.

This season, being warm is in fashion. Heavy knits and wool are in style, so layer on and look to Spring Clifton Knit Leg Warmers for a stunningly cozy take on traditional thigh-highs.

In most cases, we don’t usually feel sexy when we’re all bundled up in granny sweaters and wools. Providing a stylish look for the winter season, these leg warmers will look cute and offer warmth whether you wear it under a mini dress or skirt. The Spring Clifton Knit Leg Warmers can even be worn with shorts for a more daring but sizzling look.

Thanksgiving is one of the only American holidays that comes with a traditional meal.  In fact, the whole point of Thanksgiving seems to be to eat as much as possible: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie.  We’re thankful for all that food, but standard Thanksgiving meals started to seem a little boring. That’s why we put together a list of the craziest Thanksgiving food we could find.  Some of it sounds awesome, but the rest of it sounds so gross that even canned cranberry sauce is starting to look good.

turkey cake

 Over the hill, through the woods and past the body scanners and the security checkpoints en route to Grandma's house this holiday season.

15. Kara DioGuardi
Striptastic Moment: You wouldn't think that "American Idol" would be a likely place to find a memorable striptease moment, but we have Kara DioGuardi to thank for that. She strutted out on the "Idol" stage last year in a tiny bikini to show up a contestant called Bikini Girl, who was very obviously lacking in the vocal talent department. Have to say it: Kara looked enviably good in a bikini. So good that Bikini Girl is probably sporting some normal clothes these days.

Good Collection of funniest moment in life

Brooke Shields

Strange Zombie Wedding of British Couple

Some 190 million people have a Twitter account these days, but keeping ahead of the curve on tech-savvy social networking isn't just about how fast you update your feed; it's about being smart with what you share. Tweeting lets you post information almost in real time, and some people don't take a moment to consider whether they should tell complete strangers where they are, how they feel, or what they think about their boss.

In honor of all things lacy, silky and push-up, Shine went backstage yesterday at the 16th annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to see the models pre-runway. Though the show won't air until November 30, it was filmed (twice!) on Wednesday November 10 at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City. Sadly, we didn't stay for the show to see performances by Katy Perry and Akon, or for the introduction of VS's latest creation — the $2 million diamond-encrusted "Bombshell Fantasy Bra" set in 18-karat white gold — but we did get to chat with some of the models while they got their hair and makeup done.

Check out the photos below to see what it's like backstage and for some crazy, little-known facts about the company, their famous lingerie and the ladies who wear it.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a truck driver but can’t deal with the crushing loneliness or marathon driving sessions, then you definitely need to check out Lil Big Rig. Lil Big Rig will send you a complete conversion kit that will turn your pickup truck into a semi-truck in no-time flat.

 An animal-shaped pattern discovered within a clam shell closely resembles the "first Chinese dragon" unearthed in Puyang County, central China's Henan Province and the pattern without any artificial signs appears to have come into being naturally, a local resident said on Nov. 9 after he unexpectedly discovered it among many clam shells in a pit near an excavated ancient wall while out at the southwestern Xishuipo area of Puyang County.

InCANvenient Truth
Much to the dismay of Carl the Can Man, Americans discard over 40 billion aluminum cans each year. Now, the motivational speaker extraordinaire has come out of retirement to drop Alumifacts on the world. For example, did you know aluminum is infinitely recyclable and can be back on the store shelf in as little as 60 days? It's true. And if every American recycled just one more can per week, we would remove over 17 billion cans from landfills each year, saving over 2 million metric tons of CO2. As Carl would say, we CAN do it!

Kinect open source driver demo
I just got this to work: a fully open source Kinect driver supporting the depth and RGB cameras.

Gwyneth Paltrow - Country Strong - CMA Awards 2010

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas Wonder Goal vs Everton Reserves

Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History 2

California On Aliens

I find it hard to worry about terrorist attacks and global conflicts when there are DIYers building weapons like the LEGO Machine Gun. This LEGO Gatling gun can hold and fire 20 rubber bands in a matter of seconds.

The LEGO Machine Gun may not sound all that impressive, but it packs a powerful punch. LEGO models and Jenga towers are instantly destroyed by the fury that it unleashes. Check it out in the video above.

 Mongolian Poor People in the Sewers


Vajoliroja Johny Depp's Luxury Yacht‏

Queen Elizabeth II of the UK met with 11 US Presidents.
Amazing, but the Queen is still the Queen, and only one of those eleven is still the President of the USA.
Actually, only five of them are still alive.Great pictures.
Barack Obama

Squid Kids Ink's 'So Analog' Collection is for the Geeky Gamer
Just because certain disks, cassettes and cartridges are so outdated that it would be a joke to use them, doesn’t mean we wouldn’t play with them in other ways. The ‘So Analog’ line doesn’t actually repurpose outdated storage disks, but it is still a cool collection.
Created by Squid Kids Ink, the ‘So Analog’ collection is comprised of three characters: 10-Doh!, A-Drive and B-Side. Available at D-Con in Pasadena, California on November 20, these would be the perfect gift for your geeky gamer friend.

 A good collection of Halloween Phantom on the Street.

The list of World's Female Political Leaders in the world.

Brazil's president-elect Dilma Rousseff.

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