Extreme Yoga Poses

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Stash Away Your Possessions in the Hollandia International SAFE-T Bed

Hollandia International SAFE-T Bed lets you hide your valuables under the mattress, just like the old days.
Originally, this bed was designed for a client who wanted to be safe at night with a hidden gun. Now it’s designed for the mass who needs to store anything valuable to keep it “close to home.” In this security bed a heavy duty safe is built right in the frame, underneath the mattress. The safe door is locked with a key. The Hollandia International SAFE-T Bed is a convenient alternative from having to use a bank’s safety deposit box.

No.1 Alizee, France

Alizee, a French girl who made her debut on a talent show, conquered the whole continent rapidly by publishing her first single "Moi Lolita". Alizee was born with a knack for art and started to dance at age 4. Alizee's first album sold 4 million copies around the world.

Sascha Nordmeyer has designed the ultimate communication tool for people that have problems with self-expression.

Celebrity sports fans

Sports teams draw the most fervent fans -- celebrities included. Like you, they want to see a world champ dunk a basketball, watch this shortstop step up to the plate or see this fan favorite throw a touchdown pass. Guess which famous actors, comedians and musicians fill the stands to cheer on their favorite teams.

A Vintner’s Dozen Top Wine-Tasting Destinations

Wine vacations can be — pardon the pun — intoxicating. You learn a bit, you have some wine. You take in the spectacular views or historic sites and then sip another glass. What’s not to love? Here are 12 top wine-tasting destinations around the globe.

Ever eat in Alcatraz? Dine on Mars? Then it's about time you get a taste of some of the wackiest, weirdest, out-of-this-world restaurants.

For more strange places to eat, check out this video of the the world's top 10 most peculiar restaurants.

Hardwired Host
Restaurant: Hajime Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
Culinary Concept: Robot run. Owner Lapassarad Thanaphant (pictured) has high hopes for her robot-run restaurant. Thanaphant invested nearly $1 million to purchase four dancing (yes, they also dance!) robots who serve diners Japanese delicacies.

Nervous about going gray? These stylish stars show there's always a silver lining.

A selection of unusual and incredibly beautiful pools around the world.
That would be in a place leave ...

Chiang Rai, Thailand

German toymaker Paraplush has released a line of cute stuffed animals that suffer from different mental illnesses.

Celeb homes As if you need more proof they don't live like us

Extravagance knows no limits for most celebrities when it comes to real estate. From Malibu mansions to Italian villas, they buy it everywhere — and aren't afraid to spend amounts the rest of us can only dream of. Here, in the name of the sin of envy, are some incredible celebrity homes — and just to torture you some more, most of them we've chosen are for sale. Happy house-hunting!

Denis Medri is an Italian illustrator whose North American interests are reflected in his work. Specializing in caricature sketches of celebrities, it seems that Denis Medri is adept with both art and pop culture.

The Cinemizer movie screen glasses are the mobile solution to watching your favorite shows and movies on the “big” screen…that fit in your pocket. Developed by Carl Zeiss, the new OLED display will barrage your retinas with a vivid show.

Although many of us choose hotels for their low prices, comfort or amenities, it is always fun to learn about some of the more unique hotels around the world. There are plenty of strange hotels to choose from around the globe but some stand out among all of them.
Here is a list of some of world’s strangest hotels. A night here would be different yet memorable.

The Ice Hotel, Quebec

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