5-Year-old Barbie
The mother of the girl with the smallest of years trying to make her daughter's model.Baby takes part in all competitions known children's beauty.What do you think about this?And here's the contest:

Flet Mobil
Fletmobil - the lowest car in the world, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, its height is only 48 centimeters. Personally, it reminded me a great card.

Putin and Medvedev - One Person
Russia in recent years is a unique and historic global political experiment. At the helm of a huge country located at the same time two people - an attorney and businessman, the current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a retired KGB officer and former President and current Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, the powerful.

Design Ideas from Nature
No matter how advanced our society and technology, we can not forget our origins, and constantly in need of something green around us. Of course, you can go to the village, but sometimes this is impossible, then to help things come to us from the designers who have received inspiration from nature.

Museum of Nuclear Weapons
A collection of warheads and bombs filled with nuclear.

Mummies of the World
In Philadelphia, Franklin Institute, has opened an unusual exhibition - "Mummies of the world." Each exhibit is unique, whether it be a dog, whose remains had lain in the peat bogs of Germany about 500 years, or embalmed child, who lived 6420 years ago in Peru. The exhibition of mummies collected 45 and 95 items related mummification and embalming."Mummies of the world" has been prepared by experts from 15 European institutes under the auspices of the German Museum Reiss Engelhorn-Mannheim (Reiss-Engelhorn Museum). The exhibition has been demonstrated in many major U.S. cities.

Stars who Cut their Machine Under
Despite the fact that Hollywood hairdressers - the master of his craft, sometimes the stars have to be cut by machine. It is interesting to compare the well-known women and men in bald and hairy state.

Hippie Market in Lbiza
We begin a series of programs on the island of Ibiza, and today we have with you a hippie market! Let's see what they sell ...

Ferrari Superamerica 45 - the World's only Copy
Ferrari Superamerica 45 - a unique supercomputers, one of a kind. The car was designed in order Peter Kalikow, a billionaire and collector from New York. His first Ferrari he bought in 1961, and 45-year anniversary of this event, he decided to commemorate the purchase of exclusive models. It was originally planned that will run over a supercar designer Pininfarina, but Superamerica 45 - merit Ferrari Design.

Improvised Weapons Libyan Rebels
Over the past four months, the rebels Libyan troops are composed of civilian and military deserters, the government is actively fighting against the supporters of Muammar Gaddafi, sometimes on their own, sometimes with the help of NATO air strikes. Trying to take up arms against mercenaries and professional armies, the rebels are trying to use everything that comes to hand - captured from the enemy's weapons and military equipment to anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers in the bodies of pickups. Collected here are photos of some weapons such as "DIY", used by Libyan rebels.

The Great Roman Empire
On the estate "Kolomna" in Moscow from May 11 to October 03 an exhibition of sand sculptures, "The Great Roman Empire", as well as works by winners of the annual world championship of sand sculpture "Masterpieces of Italian sculpture."For those who have not been on the show and will not be able to get there, so as not living in Moscow, today, show pictures from there. Under the cut sandy Colosseum, Roman MPs from parties Dmitry Medvedev, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and others, these Roman baths, as well as lots of other Ferraris and sand sculptures.

Amazing Unusual chairs
Creative chairs.Some of them came to my liking.

Star Fathers with Sons
Fathers' Day - an annual holiday celebrated in many countries. For the first time the celebration of this day was June 19, 1910 in the USA. Initiated the creation of this holiday is called Mrs. Dodd, of Washington. She would like to thank my father, and his face - all caring fathers of America who participate in the upbringing of children. We offer you the pictures of star fathers with their offspring.

Stars at Gas Stations
Ironically, celebrities also go to the store and even seasoned car with gasoline, as we all do - with the exception that the very machines they have on the order of torsion, and every bush is on duty bound paparazzi. We offer you the pictures show-business stars at filling stations.

Amazing Wedding Photoshop
Russian wedding photographers got to Photoshop! Impressionable- do not watch a selection of amazing.

Abandoned Park Gulliver
This amusement park was built in Japan in 1997, and pleased the happy visitors only 4 years.
In 2007, the owner would begin its restoration, but this attempt ended in nothing.
At this point park "Kingdom of Gulliver"is in poor condition and attracts attention only looters.

Creative Kitchen Gadgets
A selection of original and useful gadgets for those who like to cook. And so, as you can make your life easier in the kitchen:

Amazing new Hobby - Planking
Planking (English planking is translated as "boardwalk") is a new passion for social networking, in particular, Facebook. People depict board: lie on the surface face down and are so without moving, until they take pictures. After that photo spread in a network.

The most Economical Cars
We present you a list of the most efficient models available in several categories, including electric, diesel units, minivans and even sports cars.
Nissan Leaf

38 Years with his Hand Raised
 Sadhu  Amar Bharti  is currently the only Indian saint, who keeps his right hand raised over the past 38 years. Hand went up, not for idle experiment, and was dedicated to Lord Shiva, and as a consequence, has become a kind of symbol for the faithful Indians.

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