The Top 10 Grossest Halloween Candies of 2010

Last October I named the Top 10 Grossest Halloween Candies, an assortment of the creepiest-looking trick-or-treat offerings I could find. But as with Apple gadgets and conical pizza, progress is inevitable; today there's a new generation of Gross. I filled my online shopping carts at and other stores. Then I asked seven-year-old twins Ella and Liam Wilson of Brooklyn (sweets aficionados and neighbors of The Foodist's Andrew Knowlton) to rank and evaluate the grossness of each.

10 Movies That Scare Us
From "The Exorcist" to "Psycho," we count down the scariest movies of all time

When Norman Bates, dressed as his mother, ripped open Janet Leigh's shower curtain and knifed her to death in "Psycho," horror movies changed. Along with Leigh's blood, classic horror style and romantic figures like Frankenstein and Dracula went right down the shower drain. The veiled sexuality and hidden violence that dominated most classic horror films suddenly were gleefully dragged into the open, for everyone to exploit. For better or worse, style often became as important as substance, and booming box-office numbers proved that horror was serious business. The shifting times created opportunities for filmmakers to innovate, finding new and terrifying ways to scare the pants off audiences.

 Best 15 National Geographic Contest Photos

 Species Staggered Animal Mother and Baby

 Cartoonish Sculptures Made of Matchstick

15 Easy One-Pot Dinner Recipes

Forget complicated dinner menus that have you focusing on multiple dishes. Save time (and hassle) by throwing all the ingredients in one pot! These recipes are easy, healthy, and, most importantly, delicious.

Ai Weiwei’s unique art exhibit consists of one hundred million realistic looking sunflower seeds made out of porcelain.

 Each seed was hand painted by an army of 1,600 Chinese artisans and scattered all over the floor of the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall in London.

Your retirement planning may include visions of a home close to the beach, mountains or a lake. Or maybe you're hoping for a Main Street kind of place, a walkable community or a budget-friendly locale.
Bankrate researched median home prices in some of the United States' top retirement spots, as outlined in "America's 100 Best Places to Retire," edited by Elizabeth Armstrong.
Median home prices in the 10 places Bankrate selected from the book's "top" lists range from $125,000 in Danville, Ky., to $639,500 in Carlsbad, Calif., with many homes priced in the high $100,000s to the low $200,000s.
Here's what you can expect from among the best places to retire in the U.S

Danville, Ky.
Price: $125,000
Area median price: $125,000
• 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
• 1,456 square feet
• One-car detached garage
• Covered deck, open patio

Feng Zeng, a 37-year- old car mechanic in east-central China's Henan Province, recently became a web celebrity for his creative conversion of an ordinary mini-bus into a motor home, which has been called "coolest motor home ever" by Chinese netizens.

I was talking with my friend Dr. Travis Stork—host of TV's The Doctors—about his other gig, running the emergency room at Vanderbilt Medical Center. Though he educates millions about healthy living on TV, he comes up against some tough customers in the E.R. Like the woman who came in suffering complications from diabetes, and slurped from a 40-ounce soda as she described her symptoms! Clearly, some people still don’t realize just how responsible these drinks are for the ballooning of our waistlines. So much so, in fact, that one study that tracked the diets of more than 800 people found those who eliminated 100 liquid calories a day lost five times as much weight as those who cut 100 food calories. That means you’ll lose more weight by giving up soda than you will by passing on pizza. That’s great news for you, but really bad news for the soda industry—which depends on Big Gulps and the like to sweeten its bottom line (and expand yours).

So now the beverage industry is responding by casting their beverages in a new light. Today we hear of sweetened tea drinks brimming with antioxidants, 1,200-calorie smoothies that are "all natural" (so are sharks and hurricanes, by the way), and vitamin drinks that give you super-human strength. Not all of these drinks explicitly brand themselves “diet” drinks—the FDA would never allow that. But they are using clever marketing campaigns to convince us that they’re vastly superior to the sugary syrups of yore. Problem is, many of these fluid flab-makers are actually worse than the drinks they aim to replace! But the good news is, you can fight back—and lose up to 20 pounds annually, for starters, just by swearing off the soda and iced tea. Then, shed even more weight by avoiding these dangerous "diet" drinks, compliments of the latest research from Drink This, Not That!

 Top 10 "Thief City" in the world

People and their Strange t-shirts

Imagine a huge slingshot, where the projectile is you.

 Obama's Fun in Photoshop. Yes you can do what ever you want to do in photoshop.

The very unusual Golden Tabby Tiger is sometimes known as Strawberry Tiger has light gold fur, pale legs and faint orange stripes. Its fur tends to be much thicker than normal. There are extremely few Golden Tabby Tigers in captivity, around 30 in all.

Census of Marine Life photo

A Census of Marine Life photo shows a new species of scorpionfish found in the Indo-Pacific area. Much of the marine world remains to be explored, so vast are the seas.

 Cruel goodliness! Mysterious Long Neck Village in Thailand

Winning big on the TV game shows of yesteryear usually meant a lifetime supply of something mundane, or a gaudy set of living room furniture (and maybe the occasional scandal). During the Golden Age of TV, there was one impressive six-figure winner and then another in the '80s. But now, shows are cranking out instant millionaires (not to mention a game show millionaire culture). Come on down and see who's struck game gold.

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