Creative Tents
A selection of stunning tents, I'm sure you have not seen anything like this. Here you can pick up a tent to suit all tastes and arrange a wonderful holiday.

Christmas Tree out of Beer Bottles
A small tutorial on how to make a Christmas tree out of beer cans.

Amazing Nails and Threads
Couple, Pamela and Thomas Campana Shiderbauer in his works use simple things: nails and string. For every job goes to a month. Inspired by the duo of old family photos.

Amazing Ice Hotel in Quebec
 One of the main attractions of the winter of Quebec  is the Ice Hotel Since the beginning of January to mid-March, he waits for the guests in their rooms made ​​of ice and snow. Guests have to sleep on beds made ​​of ice.

Massage by Snakes
Most resorts have names that call to mind the atmosphere of happiness and tranquility. But the spa in the small village of Talma Elazar in northern Israel bears a proud name "Farm carnivorous plants." And do not offer quite the usual procedures. Visit this unusual spa dare not everyone: the institution of masseurs working reptiles.

House of Michael Jackson
Personal belongings of Michael Jackson will be auctioned next month at Julien's Auctions.

Airbus A380 from Lego

The wall Drainage Pipes in Dresden
Dresden is known as one of the most beautiful cities and museums in Europe.One of the attractions - this wall pipes.The bright old job attached an entire composition of the gutters,which are similar to musical instruments, the main task of which take rainwater from the house.If you want to listen to music that publish these tools,you'll have to wait for the chief musician - rain.

Creative Record Panel of Sushi Prepared
 Do you like sushi? I love sushi. 11/19 I went to the opening of Sebastopol restaurant sushi "Golden Dragon", in whose honor the masters of Japanese cuisine set a record of Ukraine, having laid out rolls the biggest picture.Panel size of 1.97 meters at 2.30 meters represented the logo of European Football Championship Euro 2012, which is known to be held in Ukraine and Poland, and posted his 11th Masters for 34 minutes ...

4 Year old Girl Achievements Art in the World
 Professional art world started, meeting a young Australian artist Aelita Andre. Two solo exhibitions (in the U.S. and Italy), the contribution of private collections - only part of the achievements of girls in her 4 years.

4-Year-Old Model Kristina Pimenova
Kristina Pimenova is only 4 years old but she is already a very well known girl in the fashion industry.

House for Climbers LEAP

The Largest Tomb in the World
Oddly enough, in Japan, where every inch of land on the weight of gold,is the largest tomb in the world.It is called "Daysenre-Kofun."Here is buried the Emperor Nintoku.Age tombs of 1,600 years, and it resembles a keyhole if viewed from above.The total area of the mound of 464.124 square meters.The entrance to the tomb has long been banned, so there are no tourists.This is probably the better, because in the Kofun thanks to this amazing nature is preserved,which has not changed since ancient times.

Sidewalk Painting Festival 2011
Chalk Festival Sarasota 2011, an annual international art exhibition in the street and the street, which was held at a large cluster of participants and spectators in Sarasota, Fla., after a week of outstanding events, presented a sad surprise. For the first time ever, officials from Sarasota on the next day after the festival, were ordered to erase hundreds of paintings, mosaics and 3D-works created by traditional chalk artists from around the world.

Sculptures of Superheroes

Drawing Girls
When you look at these photos clearly understand that the woman in the work of not less beautiful than a woman in love!-and I myself was .... with such a hundred years ago!!

Youngest American Billionaires
Among the billionaires on Forbes' list of the 400 richest Americans, four owe their wealth to social-networking pioneer Facebook.

Tuned Cars Collection
 Many causes a smile combination of words such as tuning and WHA. And often such statements are not unfounded. But you just look at this collection, because there is quite good copies.

Amazing  White Temple
This temple is located in the province of Chiang Rai, in a place called Amphuar. Temple of a relatively young, its construction began in 1998. Build it one of the most famous and popular artists in Thailand Kositpipat Chalermchay, often referred to as "Thai Salvador Dali."

TOP most World Whimsical Buildings

Photos on the leaves
 Vietnamese artist Binh Dan wittily uses the well-known properties of the leaves to "seal" their photos. Put it on a sheet of film, he puts it in the sun and the rest of the work he does for chlorophyll. The resulting "picture" of wood covered with resin.

Creative and Unusual Art
Where he met with a freak, break dansery, funk lover, artist and designer, whip fight, shorter than our man Alec Dovbysh, a Muscovite from Kharkov. The fact that it makes me seem fresh, creative and unusual. Here's the installation that it does:

World's largest gold coin minted

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World's largest gold coin minted
World's largest gold coin minted, Pining for something ridiculously expensive? Perhaps a blinged up iPad 2 or a posh camper? There's a single coin that can afford all those…and more. The world's largest gold coin was recently unveiled by the The Perth Mint in Australia to mark the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Weighing an astounding one ton (or 2204 lbs.), it is enormous not only in size, but also in value; the coin's value tops $57.34 million based on current gold prices.

As a Work of Art is Born
In Montreal, a group of artists during the 16 days have made a huge gray wall into a work of art. Great Success! It would be nice if all the walls in the towns were so;

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