Chicago Weekend Events

 ondering what to do this weekend? Brave the cold weather and check out some of the cool events going on around Chicago.

Last year we wrote about the phone Just5 CP09, which the public dubbed "babushkofonom. At this time, would like to introduce you to update your phone model CP10. By and large there is little technical difference

Beautiful Perfect Creative Chairs Photogallery

Winter Beauty
There is a reason for every season Each one touched with beauty from beyond

celebrity Rich famous  and in foreclosure
How does Nicolas Cage get behind on his mortgage payments? The same way other rich and famous people do.Here are five of the biggest names on the of list homeowners falling to foreclosure. We've included a bit of info about the current markets where these stars once lived. You know, in case you'd like to hunt for a foreclosure deal in one of those tony neighborhoods

Nicolas Cage

  It’s hard to explain the theme of Fredrik Raddum’s work, but for these particular photos, I’d think it’s safe to say that the overall vibe is simply twisted.

Weirdest Auction Items
 The 1963 Pontiac Bonneville that carried President John F. Kennedy's body is up for sale. It's not the first bizarre auction item to go on the block.

The former “Sopranos” patriarch said he’s seen “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and he called it “extraordinary.” Gandolfino made the remark while promoting his new HBO series.

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin reportedly scolded an ESPN reporter Wednesday for reporting last week that the Steelers might use a strategic play against their rivals. Find out what Tomlin said at the news conference.

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen has signed-on to play Saddam Hussein in a film titled “The Dictator,” according to Paramount Pictures. The film will be directed by Larry Charles, who also directed “Bruno” and “Borat.” “The Dictator” is based on Saddam’s book “Zabibah and The King” and is set for release in 2012.

Wal-Mart, the largest food retailer in the country, says it will make its food more healthy and more affordable. First lady Michelle Obama said she is “thrilled” by the idea. Wal-Mart reportedly plans to create a seal to make it easier for consumers to identify healthier food options.

From Portable Pod Coffee Makers to Beautiful Espresso Makers

When actor Frankie Muniz was still a teen television star he bought and sold quite a bit of property around Los Angeles. That all slowed down with the end of his television show "Malcolm in the Middle." In 2005 he bought this home for $3.499 million and in 2007 he put it on the market for $3.875 million.

 This DIY iPad Stand Only Requires Pencils, Elastics and Time

Incredible Planes From The Future
NASA has taken the wraps off three concept designs for quiet, energy efficient aircraft that could potentially be ready to fly as soon as 2025, joining these planes of the future. The designs come from Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and The Boeing Company.

The Star Wars Droid Chess Set Pits C-3PO Against R2-D2
I would be a lot more interested in becoming a chess champion if I could play on the Star Wars Droid Chess Set. This chess set was designed by Rex Abergas and features pieces designed after droids from the Star Wars universe.

The Kymera Jetboard Will Leave You Longing to Hit the Water

Despite high watermarks like Microsoft selling 8 million Kinect accessories in 60 days, as well as more Xbox 360 units than it ever has before, 2010's overall gaming sales shrunk compared with last year.
The NPD Group, which published its December and annual reports for video games in 2010 earlier today, said total video game sales for the year were $18.58 billion. That's compared with sales of $19.66 billion for 2009, and $21.4 billion in 2008.
NPD said the loss can be attributed to both a 13 percent dip in console hardware spending, as well as a 6 percent drop in the sale of new video game software year-on-year. Consumer spending for new and used games, as well as downloadable content also flattened or dropped by one percent, the firm said. Video game accessories, on the other hand, enjoyed a hearty jump at 13 percent above 2009's numbers, as well as sales of $853.2 million for just the month December.

Celebrities turn heads in red
Cameron Diaz and Rachel McAdams don daring red dresses. 
Cameron Diaz
Rachel McAdams
Natalie Portman
Rashida Jones
Blake Lively
Jennifer Hudson
Lauren Conrad
Sophia Bush
Zoe Saldana
Nicole Richie

Tiret has a nice little thing going for itself when it comes to high-status celebs who want some of them, on their wrist. I previously wrote about a watch that Tiret made for Usher here. The same concept (but done differently) was applied to a watch for musician Kanye West. You have the same oblong "Second Chance" watch case design, in 18k yellow gold. Coming with a gold bracelet or reptile strap, Kanye seems to be enjoying his.

10 Cutest Messenger Bags

  There’s pet fashion and then there’s the lavish Lil Yorkie Fru Fru. The doggie boudoir photography on the company’s website features pet couture designer Kelly Owens’ glamorous canine outfits.

Best Dressed At The People's Choice Awards 
Red carpet season officially kicked off with the People's Choice Awards last night, where a who's who of starlets strutted their stuff in front of the cameras. And in the spirit of the ceremony, you dolls get to decide which one was worthy of the Slaves To Fashion best dressed title!

Kristen Stewart in Reem Acra


5 Most Memorable Nicolas Cage Performances

No matter the role -- and he's played a diverse array of them over the past three decades -- Nicolas Cage often seems to be teetering on the brink of his own personal, self-inflicted insanity.

Mono Lake, California

They say that truth is stranger than fiction — and you could argue just as strongly that Mother Nature comes up with much more bizarre stuff than we ever could. Here are just a few of Earth's weirder wonders.

all it a curse or strike of bad luck as "DWTS" contestants suffer injuries


Stars Turning 50 in 2011

Stars Turning 50 in 2011
 From the most powerful person in the world, to Hollywood’s most die-hard bachelor, to the youngest “Brady Bunch” star, several well-known figures will push past the half-century mark in 2011. So get ready to wish the following folks happy 50th.

Botox for All

2011 is almost upon us, and for many people, that means it's time to reflect on the year gone by. And for movies, 2010 certainly had its share of excitement, with unexpected hits like 'Inception' and 'The Social Network' joining surefire blockbusters like 'Toy Story 3' as the most talked about and debated films of the year. Yes, 2010 was pretty cool.

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