Creative Cup

Armory Show in New York

Hand-Made Cartoon Clock
It was in the country, had nothing to do and I decided to revive old and show my children that my hands are not from well ...They chose the characters - McQueen Tiger  Mole and Dyudyuka.Well, I could only think of how it all skompanovat.

Creative Newspaper Sculptures

Stalls New York City
Newsstands in New York, the abundance of flowers, even a little hurt your eyes.

Very unusual Bras

Creative Work Space
Midst of the week helps to make the talk a bit about work. :) But the most pleasant way. We sometimes show the creative offices of large companies that care about the health of employees, not only physically but also mentally. In these offices can and wants to not only work, but it is even live.

Creative work with Water Bottles
 An interesting work of empty water bottles sculpture. A they called it water wall.

The most Beautiful Princess
Beautiful Kate Middleton married Prince William on April 29. However, it is not the only princess in the world. Regardless of whether they have any real power, these princesses can be found throughout the world. Yes, and every four-year-girl at heart hopes that one day she would crown on his head.

Interesting Yard

Fountain 'Carousel of Marriage
Fountain of "Carousel of marriage" (or "Marriage Carousel")on the square in front of the White Tower Ludwigpatz, began creating in 1977. And finished the fountain, already in 1984th ...

Most Creative Beds
Found in a magazine in bed trash collection denissoff our stars.

History of Icons

Amazing Paint Portraiture

Sculptures made of Wood

Techno Mona Lisa

Art Tuning of Cars

Magic Art of Martin Frost

Zombies in Real Life
What would be involved in a zombie, if they existed in reality? Probably the same as everyone else.

Amazing 65 000 Disks 2011
 A very interesting art of Disks. You would like it.

Poor souls, bully them to get funny pictures.

The Parade of Prams 2011
In Tyumen, was unusual parade of prams.I want to show you interesting pieces.But a parade in Volgograd.

Creative Designer Wall Clock
Cool collection of unusual hours.I would not mind a couple of those.

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