Why do we Yawn
Considering this news, you probably yawn. Why do we yawn and why? This question asked by many. Yawning - a breathing motion, often involuntary, consisting of a deep breath and exhale vigorously.
Yawn not unique to man. They say that even a frog yawn. Yawning is a reflection of the ancient instinct that has existed in all animals. People are able to empathize, to see people yawning, too, begin to yawn. Yawning - employment is extremely contagious. Yawn for the company in 42-50% of cases, but this action can not be children under four years. Chimpanzees, like humans, are able to yawn for the company.

Coloured Water for the Demonstrators
You probably have seen that have now become disobedient to disperse demonstrators with dyed water.This is done in order to calculate and to arrest them after they dispersed from the scene of the conflict.

Riddle of the Day
An interesting experience has turned out, when I had to cover up the glass jar, the crack in the hive.
As a result of this experiment - the "glass beehive" like honeybees and demonstrated the entire process of building a honeycomb.

New Mars Rover 2012
Team members Mars Science Laboratory, which includes engineers, designers and drivers, and the rover,
test engineering model of the next generation Mars rover named "Curiosity", in the desert near Baker.
According to a press release from NASA, the rover through the 89 days and vaguste go to a meeting with Mars.

Girls should be sure to enjoy.

The Biggest Crab in the World
This is - Tasmanian giant crab. 40-inch size, 9 kg of meat.Fished his local fisherman, who managed to sell this wonder of nature for a few thousand pounds in the UK aquarium.

Everyone has parents. Parents of course are different, good, not very irresponsible. But if these parents are aware of, captured in his photographs of his "deeds" that they are responsible for their child or not, for me it remains a mystery.

The most beautiful funny creative interesting SIFCO.

Most Incredible Books
The original title of this book, but it is still known as the "Bible of the Devil." Who and why it was written is still unknown. Legend has it that it was written by a monk, who was locked up for breach of monastic principles, and he vowed to only one night to write the largest manuscript in the world. When he realized that he could not fulfill his vow then began to pray to the devil, and he heard his prayer.

Dog View

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Dog View
Judging by the look, these dogs you to suspect something.

Barbaric Medieval Instruments
Yeah, we were very lucky that we do not live in the Middle Ages!
Even the electric chair seems more humane than what you now see.How many lives have been ruined by these cruel devices of death ...A. "Confession Chair"This method of questioning used in Central Europe.This chair with sharp thorns planted naked prisoner and interrogated.

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