In honor of all things lacy, silky and push-up, Shine went backstage yesterday at the 16th annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to see the models pre-runway. Though the show won't air until November 30, it was filmed (twice!) on Wednesday November 10 at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City. Sadly, we didn't stay for the show to see performances by Katy Perry and Akon, or for the introduction of VS's latest creation — the $2 million diamond-encrusted "Bombshell Fantasy Bra" set in 18-karat white gold — but we did get to chat with some of the models while they got their hair and makeup done.

Check out the photos below to see what it's like backstage and for some crazy, little-known facts about the company, their famous lingerie and the ladies who wear it.


The hair and makeup area was already crazy when we arrived. Models, reporters, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists and PR people quite literally rubbed elbows as everyone tried to get to the ladies in the makeup chairs. A large room in the Armory had been converted into a beauty prep space with red curtains around the walls, "VS" logo projections and rows and rows of makeup tables, chairs and movie star-esque lit mirrors.


Each model had her own personal makeup artist and hair stylist. It looked like it was incredibly hard for them to work on the girls with so many people walking around!

Liu Wen

Liu Wen adjusts her pink robe as she stands for some finishing touches on her hair. Wen, 22, is the first asian model to ever walk in a Victoria's Secret show.

Liu Wen

We didn't realize it until we saw the trimmings on the floor, but Liu Wen was getting a hair cut!

Selita Ebanks

Selita Ebanks was a pro when it came to simultaneously chatting, getting her photo taken and having her hair and makeup done. Shown a photograph of fellow Angel Miranda Kerr posing nude and pregnant for "W," Ebanks cracked a huge smile and said, "She's glowing. It's a black and white photo, and she's glowing!"

Selita and Sarah

Look who we found! Sarah Bernard, host of The Thread, chats with Selita Ebanks. Despite the total chaos of the staging area, Ebanks seemed to enjoy talking to the press, joking around and posing for photos.


While some models like Wen had their hair cut before the show, almost all of them had extensions put in. What, you thought those flowing locks you see on the runway are real?

Live stream of the runway

The models arrived at the Armory at 9am for some breakfast and mingling. Despite walking around half-naked later in the day, we saw Adriana Lima eating something that looked suspiciously like a bagel near the buffet table. Press was allowed in starting at 10am and the models were already on their way to becoming (even more) beautiful even though the show didn't actually start until 4pm. We also found out that there are actually TWO shows filmed — the first at 4pm, then another identical show at 8pm — in case something goes wrong during one of them.

Adriana Lima

Lima seemed a little behind schedule: her hair and makeup team requested that the press leave Lima alone for a bit so they could do their jobs more efficiently. Maybe she needed to focus on wearing the $2 million "Bombshell Fantasy Bra" later in the day, or perhaps she was trying to remember what it's like to walk on the VS runway — she didn't model in the last year's show because she was pregnant.

Gracie Carvalho

20-year-old Gracie Carvalho gets ready for her first time on a Victoria's Secret runway.

Martha Streck

When asked how she keeps herself in shape, Streck told reporters that she "never runs."


This year, all of the models wore pink satin robes that said "Victoria's Secret Angel NYC 2010" on the back in rhinestones.

Chanel Iman

Iman traded beauty tips with photographers and reporters, recommending products she uses to keep her hair smooth and hydrated.

Lily Alridge

This is only Alridge's second time walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but she looked relaxed despite the chaos backstage.

Lily Aldridge

Aldridge passed the time in the makeup chair chatting on her phone. We couldn't snap any photos, but we did see several of the Angels text messaging in different languages while they got their hair and makeup done.

A little history lesson

Though the VS Fashion Show has only been around for 16 years, the company was actually founded in 1977 by businessman Roy Raymond in San Francisco after he felt embarrassed buying lingerie for his wife in a department store. His stores were meant to create a non-threatening place for men and women to shop for lingerie without being overwhelmed. In 1982, Raymond sold the company to The Limited who then built it up into the brand we know and love today. Sadly, Raymond's next business venture failed and he killed himself in 1993 by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Lindsay Ellingson

Ellingson was sitting on the floor at the feet of another model, nursing what looked like a bad black-and-blue under her fingernail. See, even gorgeous models aren't invincible to things like bruises.


All of the models were beautiful in person, but it was definitely interesting to see them getting painted head-to-do with all of that makeup. We found out it's for television purposes — regular amounts of makeup don't show up well on camera so the models spend all day getting painted with layers and layers of foundation, shimmer and fake eye lashes.

Model Board

One last look at the models before it was time to leave. This giant board featured photos of each of the women walking in the show along with a shot of them in what we assume was a set of Victoria's Secret undies. We can't wait to watch the show to see all of this backstage madness come to life on the runway!

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