March 2012 Celebrity Quotes
March 2012 celebrity quotes, This month brought us Cinderella stories and solemn remembrances, personal triumphs and public humiliations. Keep reading to see the other headline-grabbing stories that made for a memorable March.

Man vs Women
How men and women really do look at some things.

Ideas Product Design Apple
Apple has become a religion, fashion, the symbol of the era of technological progress. Creativity is one of the main features of these products, which in turn was picked up by her fans. To date, there are plenty of unique gadgets and accessories designed specifically for your favorite devices.

How do Mexicans Go to Work
Photographer Alejandro Cartagena made ​​an unusual series of shots of people going to their place of work in the back of a pickup truck in Monterrey.

Heroin Pictures
In the city of Seattle has lived and worked an extraordinary freak artist Dane Feygerholm. Knowledgeable people say that his work is similar to heroin coming. It is not known by the author indulges in hard drugs or not, but looking at it a bit strange and even frightening work, I got the impression that did so. What do you think?

Crescent Tower
Crescent Tower Californian firm Transparence House bypassed the other competitors who participated in the competition to design the building, the emblem of the new Zabeel Park.

Amazing food Arts
Interesting collection of food art.

Creative Toys
A series of vinyl toys Squadt consists of the characters in postapokaliptichnom world.Legend of the project is as follows. Heroes is Squadt aliens from another planet. And they are not ordinary people, and guilty criminals exiled to earth in a spaceship. After entering the earth's atmosphere the ship failed. The landing was successful, but not without casualties.

Cybertecture Egg

Erratics in New York
Do you know what "erratics"? This is the general name under which the known boulders or blocks that are transferred or floating glacier ice, detached from the glacier, at a considerable distance from the rock to which they belong.

Fancy a Tattoo
Tattoos as an art

Apparitions of Jesus
We had a post Jesus on toast, Today we'll show you a variety of things with his image.

Painted with Graffiti
Imagine that you are in the room in which everything, even the bed sheets painted with graffiti. Do you think that this is a sick fantasy or imagination? Quite the contrary, it is a bold design of a room in the hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseilles, France.

Cool Offices and Jobs

Michael Jordan's House for Sale
The legendary basketball player Michael Jordan put up for sale his mansion in Chicago for 29 million dollars. The house has 9 bedrooms, 15 baths and 4 without a toilet, five fireplaces, an outdoor tennis court, golf course, a deep pond, pool, three car garage with climate control, in which there are 15 cars, and, of course, full-size basketball court.

Disney Princess Characters
Disney Princesses in the form of hipsters and ready, we have seen, this time the artist Carl Capala decided to experiment with the movie "Sin City". In his talented hands created the drawings, the princess appears before us as the characters in this famous movie.

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