Amazing Street Portraits
These cool graffiti painted a talented artist MTO, has one distinctive feature.MTO basically draws only realistic portraits, and for this it uses gray paint with orange and pink hues.

Great Oslo Tragedy 2011
Thousands of people gathered at City Hall in Oslo July 25, 2011 with flowers to commemorate the seventy-six killed in the bombings last week. Norwegian television reports demonstrated on similar ceremonies were held in other cities, whose residents gathered to express solidarity with those who suffered during the bombings and mass
shootings on Friday.

Collapse of theFestival 2011
In Canada, prepared for the summer festival.During the assembly design storm began, a strong wind blew and blew almost all of the structure.

Book Creativity 2011
Very cool creativity of the books.Some works have already been, but we have complete collection for the first time.

Faces of the Festival Comic Con 2011
Festival "Comic-Con" gathers on its site in San Diego, fans of fantasy, science fiction and horror.

Amazing Synchronized Swimming
Synchronized swimming - one of the most attractive sports!

Sheikh Immortalized his Name in the Sand
On a sandy island in Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, left on the sand theautograph is larger than three kilometers.The first two letters are filled with water, then gradually move the letters in the sand.Sounds like something incredible.But if you do not believe you can do to verify this.

Top 7 of Unusual writing Systems
In South China, Hunan Province in the 12th century, uses a unique alphabet called Nushu. Miraculous it is that Nushu used exclusively by women. It's their secret alphabet. The fact is that until the 20th
century, before the revolution in China, Hunan Province, girls were forbidden to attend school because of what they were deprived of opportunities to teach the normal characters. Old women teach girls the alphabet Nushu - his own way, ladies' version of the Chinese hieroglyphic writing.

Countries and their Unique Flags
In recent years we have witnessed the disappearance of a number of countries with their flags. TheSoviet Union came to an end, reviving many republics regained their old or create new flags.Czechoslovakia split into its two component parts, a split of Yugoslavia, where individual ethnic regained their independence. And Germany was reunited in front. All this happened recently, butmany states disappeared from the charts for many centuries.

Creative Art Miniatures

Picture taken at the Right Moment
Cool collection of photos taken at the right time.

Creative teapots 2011

Demand for luxury Cars is Growing in China
Luxury cars are enviable popularity in China, and visitors to bring down the shaft in showrooms, which are in the range of the most expensive and elite brand.

Unusual Money Art
Ah, money, money, money ... They are not just for what they would earn and then spend, they also serve as material for high art of money!

Flew to the Moon
Professor of robotics at Carnegie hopes to build a spacecraft that can carry to the moon one of his robots. We suggest you look at the process of building lunar lander.

Furniture from Cardboard
If after moving to a new living space you have no money left for furniture, you can easily make them yourself out of cardboard.Apparently, the author of this furniture was a lot of free time.

3d Risunki 2011
Always impressed by such work.

Luxury Hotel for your Pet
Hotel class "lux" for pets The Barkley is located in Los Angeles at the "human" Hotel Four Seasons.While the hosts relax in their rooms in the usual "human" hotel: bought breakfast in bed,massage, swimming pool, their pets can do the same, even a little bit more.

Soldiers and their Pets

The Biggest Hamburger in the World
The biggest hamburger in the world, which has taken a worthy place in the Guinness Book ofRecords, made in California.It weighs 353 pounds, and prepared him for 14 hours.

Photos of Cameron Davidson
We offer you yet another collection of images taken from a bird's flight, this time from the photographer Cameron Davidson. These amazing photographs taken by aerial survey, help you to see anew the place seems to be well known to you before. These shots were taken from a helicopter - and they are really breathtaking. The author of these photos, aerial photography has engaged in for thirty years, Cameron Davidson is the winner of many art contests and his name is synonymous with creative experience in aerial photography.By clicking on the photo you can save it to a higher resolution to be installed on the desktop.

The Exhibition Memorial 2011
In just two days, 22 and 23 June in the "Arena" was an international exhibition "Memorial 2011". Its main task - to perpetuate the memory of fallen soldiers. Visitors can see exhibits was the hero-cities and towns of Heroes, the results of the search teams, military equipment during World War II.

Last Season Barcelona Bullfight

Creative, bright and Colorful Photos

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