Fighting Machine

Very severe car.Such tuning, if you can call it tuning, will be of interest to thosewho are preparing for the zombie apocalypse;)Indeed, it has everything you need for self-defense,from the chains and knives to explosives.

Interesting Facts about Celebrities
Some interesting facts about celebrities that may surprise you.

Night Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls - the common name of three waterfalls on the Niagara River,
separating the U.S. New York from Canadian province of Ontario.Americans are skillfully presented with a miracle of nature. In dozens of Niagara installed floodlights with a total capacity of 1.5 million kW.Colored spotlights. Once it gets dark, their beams are directed to a continuously moving wall of the waterfall and 

creating fabulous sparkle, strengthen an already impressive picture.

Sandwich Creative
The most beautiful sandwich creative.

Animals with Plush Toys
Funny pictures of animals that have a favorite toy - their own copy of the same plush :)

Lucky Couple Survived a Pickaxe Attack
The incident happened on I-405 freeway in Kirkland, Washington. Pickaxe hurtled from the back of a pickup truck and smashed through the windshield of the car narrowly missing a couple of people driving inside it.

Baroque Jewelry 
Amazing Most Beautiful Baroque Jewelry

Provocative Figurines
Dane Maria Rubinke - just a master of provocation. From the thin, delicate chinait creates a detailed, naturalistic figurines that can shock anyone. Her children clearly suffer porcelain thrust to self-destruction.

 Los Angeles Wandering Bear
Tuesday morning on the suburb of La Crescenta (Los Angeles County, Southern California) was walking bear.Of course, the animal was caught, shooting him a tranquilizer and sent back into the wild,but there is a strong likelihood that he will return to human habitation,since the last time he visits frequently with - it is often seen in Los AngelesLa Crescenta suburbs of Glendale, and (for what the locals have nicknamed the bear "Glendale Bear").

Portrait of Socks
One girl wove a portrait of the socks, attaching them to bamboo base.What did not come up with these contemporary artists :)

Easter Eggs in a New Way
In some countries in Europe and North America is the custom in the morning to hide Easter eggs. Children waking up to rush immediately to search the entire house. The kids also arrange "pokatushki" - who egg on drove off. In Russia and Serbia, Easter eggs, "Christ" - breaking the sequence of different parts, as well as people christ three times on the cheek.

Sleeping Room Art
A few brush strokes - and your room is 81-level! ))

Condoms are Based on Star Wars
The artist created a series of Benedetto Papi condoms based on Star Wars. They look pretty funny, and I think fans of science fiction instantly swept away them from store shelves as soon as they appear in them.

Easter Tree 2012
For '41 the family Kraft from Germany Easter dresses up a tree. Last year, it hung 9500 eggs, in this more - as many as 10,000. The original tradition.

Mega Breakfast
True calories and cholesterol from a meal quickly put you down ...

Cinema on the Water
It's hard to believe, but these guys are building a movie theater right on the water.It is located on the island of Yao Noi in southern Thailand in a beautiful bay between two large rocks.

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