If Cats were Fonts
All popular fonts are unique in their design, but what exactly do you prefer - a carefree Comic Sans or strict Helvetica? Frequently used human fonts are a reflection of his character. What if fonts were cats?

If Cats were Fonts
All popular fonts are unique in their design, but what exactly do you prefer - a carefree Comic Sans or strict Helvetica? Frequently used human fonts are a reflection of his character. What if fonts were cats?

Adventures in the Miniature
What kind of world we find ourselves, if suddenly shrunk to the size of a matchbox. Through the efforts of Kurt Moses and his merry work it becomes possible. In a miniature world that he creates, we can trace the lives of tiny people. And their life is far from cloudless, and filled with many adventures and dangers.

After Gaining its Space
The project is "my space" by Liya Mairson - it's just heaven on earth for children. Well, tell me, do you have a child there was no traction to construct various tents, shelters, etc. of the material at hand? And then rraz! - And you're done)) Large cardboard box in front turns into a mini-game room for kids. Designed for children from 3 to 6 years.

Original Tanks for Oil and Vinegar
Competent cooks know that no matter how delicious the food was not without a little seasoning, it remains unfinished, as if the story is not finished the last paragraph. Because the tables in cafes and restaurants, as well as modern kitchens, there are always salt and pepper, and we did an overview of the unusual.

Interesting Chess Style
 I have long wanted to cut a new set of chess. And cut yourself quietly. Unexpectedly, suddenly, he was ready. And, as always, in the process became not planned form. But if you never stray off course, to live is not interesting.

Professional Student
His vision of women's faces - white porcelain skin and eyes, shaded by a black veil. Then, in the late '50s, it was incredible! Pictures of his eccentric models Serge Lyutens luck in Paris and shows the editor in chief of Vogue. He was immediately hired. Within 5 years he has worked with the magazine Vogue, build, images of models, such meters photography as Richard Avedon, Bob Richardson and Irving Penn.

Zombie Make-up
Awesome zombie make-up

World Celebrates Valentine's Day
Yesterday millions of people around the world celebrated Valentine's Day.Let's take a look at this sight.

Cuckoo, Cuckoo,
India robotics is developing by leaps and bounds. In the country, a new generation of "rigs" can prophesy the future, and in several languages. Now the Indians are planning to organize the delivery of innovative machines to Russia, where the population is high demand for divination, and ventriloquism.

Amazing Drawing
Wood burning - pyrography - known since the days of ancient Egypt. But looking at the work of Julie Bender's hard to believe that this is not the drawings. Here - the smallest details, down to the reflection in the eyes of animals.

Life in Cargo Containers
French architect Patrick Partouche has completed construction of single family homes, using the eight containers. This project was built in the town of Lille, France.

Amazing Blue City
The travelers, wandering the endless roads of unrelenting Thar Desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan, just know its destination. The sky will fall to the ground and everything will turn into a single color - blue. Jodhpur is brought before them, like the azure treasure in the desert.

Before I Die
Modern Art in New Orleans is a wall of an abandoned house, converted into the book ends. His "last" desire leave passers, as well as visitors to the bar, which is behind the "wall last wishes." Author of the project - an artist and designer Candy Chang.

An Accident on an Escalator
In this and saw a little girl's father, whose leg landed between the escalator steps.Thank God nothing happened.

Beautiful Vacation Spot in the Window
Few people consider the sill as a place to rest. On the one hand there is a risk to drop out of the window, on the other - window sills, often very narrow. But out of the window can be opened to a wonderful view and a very bright place. So if you go with the mind, you can make a very comfortable and original place to relax.

Amazing Confectionery Attempt
Dozens, maybe hundreds of politicians and others, the well-known people who were attacked with the use of "weapons" such as raw eggs or cream cakes ...

Camera is Made ​​of Pure Gold
The famous company Pentax, founded in 1919 in Japan, a couple of years to celebrate the anniversary, his 95th birthday. In this regard, more often recall that at one time Pentax has released an exclusive, unique, legendary camera Pentax LX Gold, consisting entirely of pure gold. A limited edition gold camera Pentax LX Gold Company marked the release of ten millionth 35mm SLR-cameras Pentax LX.

The Old Men Tattoos
The old men, who in his youth addicted to tattoos.

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