Thanksgiving is one of the only American holidays that comes with a traditional meal.  In fact, the whole point of Thanksgiving seems to be to eat as much as possible: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie.  We’re thankful for all that food, but standard Thanksgiving meals started to seem a little boring. That’s why we put together a list of the craziest Thanksgiving food we could find.  Some of it sounds awesome, but the rest of it sounds so gross that even canned cranberry sauce is starting to look good.

turkey cake

File under: Awesome. make a Thanksgiving Turkey Cake that includes everything you could ever want in your holiday meal in one slice: ground turkey with cranberry, layers of sweet potatoes and mashed potato “frosting.”
stuffed turkey 
Talk about taking it too far, the 12-Bird True Love Roast stays true to its name by including TWELVE different kinds of fowl. The turkey is stuffed with chicken, quail, pheasant, goose, aylesbury and barbary duck, poussin and guinea fowl, partridge, pigeon, and mallard duck.  Pass.
turkey sushi
Tired of eating turkey the traditional way? Try turkey “sushi” with cranberry and gravy instead of soy sauce and wasabi.
gravy soda
Let’s be honest, gravy is the best part of Thanksgiving dinner, so why not up the ante with some gravy soda? It’s vegetarian, we swear.
Thanksgiving Hot Dog
Thanksgiving and hot dogs are two of the most American things you can think of, so combining the two is the most patriotic way to down your turkey.  A Thanksgiving Hot Dog is a turkey sausage with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce replacing everyday mustard and relish.
Can’t decide between apple pie, cherry pie or pumpkin pie?? Introducing the Cherpumple. Yes. It is all three at once.
Thanksgiving Pizza
Thanksgiving is the one day a year when most Americans are willing to pass on pizza for something slightly more refined. But you don’t have to! Just sink your teeth into some Thanksgiving pizza.
saute giblets Craziest Thanksgiving Food
Giblets.  Most people throw away all those mystery turkey parts, but some people find them delectable.  Innards! YUM.

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