Restaurant at the Foot of Waterfall
 One of the most unusual restaurants in the world located in the Philippines near the town of San Pablo. Landmark institution is its own waterfall, at the foot of which there are tables in the water, and visitors walk, rolling his pant leg to the knee. Called a strange restaurant and Villa Escudero is very popular among tourists.

His House for $ 1500
One of the most recent projects on the proposal for affordable housing from the company was Idealab project WorldHaus - house just for 1.5 thousand dollars. Most of the materials collected on site, and the house could be built in just 10 days. Home run in the 1 -, 2 - and 3-room configuration, and optionally can be equipped with toilets, LED-TVs, cooling and heating of solar and oven for cooking.

Fashion Week 2012
Weird and sexy outfits from Paris Fashion Week 2012.

Unusual Trailer
Cool idea!

Most Famous Shots
Probably not a man who would have not seen these photos.But few know the face of the authors of these photographs, which show us their masterpiece

Tattoo Festival
Tattooists from around the world converged on the Hilton Hotel in order to show all your skill level.

Riddle on Friday
What made these sculptures, if you can call it that.

Waterproof Smartphones
Waterproof Gadget was one of the most popular trends in 2012, and many companies have shown waterproofing technology for the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas. One of them, Fujitsu, demonstrated its new line of waterproof smartphones and tablet.
In an effort to strengthen its position in North America, a Japanese engineering company was surprised by all the participants of the Consumer Electronics Show Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, demonstrating three waterproof smartphone and a waterproof tablet.

Breast Implants Production
Production of the breast implants by a French manufacturer.

Saving the Goldfish

The exhibition is called "Goldfish Salvation" / "Save the Goldfish" and is a collection of three-dimensional images of fish, painted in various capacities with several layers of acrylic paints and transparent resin, which becomes incredibly realistic picture. The image is applied layer by layer, similar to how a 3D printer.

Alteration of the Table
Dopekla my wife to the table altered. The table in the usual lodgings, plain old, almost killed the table, already frightening in its way, and in a safe place to buy a lot of furniture is not hunting, that his purchase, then another thing ...

Images of Saints

This collection is devoted to the phenomenon of holy images of ordinary people.

Amazing Pictures tape Knife Light
Have you ever thought that using a conventional tape can not just paste over any box or attach a picture to the wall, but, for example, to create a work of art? Sounds strange and intriguing, is not it?

Excellent Origami Paper
A student of an American university has decided to choose an interesting hobby for yourself - it creates origami. In this figure out of paper, created by this master, created from a single sheet, without breaks or cuts. I do not know how he does it, but on learning and creating their own projects obviously took a lot of time. It is hoped that Brian Chan, was the name of our master, learning as well as creating figures out of paper. And this is what he gets is just fine, agree.

TOP- Art Projects in 2011
Ended in 2011, and we suggest you look at the most unusual art projects, which it was recorded. Ranging from sculpture and painting and finishing street art like graffiti - in the monotony of this year we did not have to complain.

Equipment from CIA
Spy equipment, which they used the KGB and the CIA, several alternatives decades ago. A very interesting collection of very unexpected items:

Childrens Landscaped park
The park is located at the intersection of landscape and tithes alley lane. The park was created by sculptor C. Skretutskim, known for his work "Hedgehog in the Fog," the money from neighboring homes and an unknown benefactor. I'll tell you a strange but cool park. As with the entire mall.

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