Flying giants: Incredibly rare display as manta rays leap 9ft out of water into the air

They could be mistaken for strange-looking birds but these creatures are actually manta rays, leaping a staggering nine feet in the air.

The plucky animals, which measure just over three feet wide, demonstrate their acrobatic skills by bursting out of the water.

Once airborne they to flap their impressive fins in what looks like an attempt to fly.

Porcelain desert or the glistening white sands is like no other place on earth. This awesome natural wonder is located in New Mexico. Amazing wave-like dunes of gypsum sand are engulfing 275 square miles of desert creating beautiful dune field. Porcelain desert officially known as White Sands National Monument is the biggest gypsum dune field in the world.

Swimming in Oil

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That's something like that and look people who decided to bathe in the ocean in Florida.
Of course, all this thanks to oil spill and the company BP.

Необычные кастомные мотоциклы (29 фотографий), photo:2

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