Cakes in the Style

New Year ​​Hair Style
That's just a hairdresser can make a New Year mood with her ​​hair.

Creative Soviet Santas
We all probably had such a child, standing under a tree at home in cotton.

The World in Bottle
Very cool!

Big Mouth Piece
This giant, almost half a meter has a sweet teddy bear real hard power.

The Beauty of Snow
In the winter mountain landscapes northern part of Japan has an amazing feature - trees covered with ice and snow. They are called "snow monsters".

Wrold most Unique T-shirts
Sometimes the things they say about the man louder than any words.

Creative Forms of Ice
A variety of forms allows you to turn the frozen water in the main ornament of the drink. Although short-lived pieces of ice, designers continue to experiment with the shape of cells, creating unique accessories for the production of ice sculptures in miniature.

Google office in London
The new Google Engineering office in London - a combination of the interior elements of science fiction, white flat surfaces and bright bold colors. Designed by some of the rooms hard to take seriously, but they are real jobs with a carefully thought-out ergonomics, which is behind all this pretentiousness and glamor.

Blue Light 2012
Plastic apples, lemonade instead of champagne, pounds and miles of serpentine sequins - NedoSMI reporter went to the set of the most conservative central television programs.

New Year at Christmas
 But before the new year there are only 12 days.

Christmas Tree for the Kremlin
Yesterday in Moscow ceremony log the most important Christmas tree country. The spruce, which will install on the Kremlin's Cathedral Square, looking for all year. As a result, the choice to stop the tree from

The most Original Spark
However, as practice shows, in order to have the right to call a candle creative, not merely to cast wax into any shape. As always needs an idea. In this material, collected different designers trying to make a really original idea with the candle.

Opera House in Australia
Creatively turned out.

Amazing True Friend
This kid named Lucas, he was only four years, but despite his age, his life slowly leaves. He suffers from Sanfilippo syndrome: a rare disease that affects the whole body. This poor boy has a loyal friend - a dog named Juno. Shepherd on a step away from the baby's not even in the hospital, the dog does not cease to be supported.

Amazing work Women with Makeup
Colette Cormier - Canadian makeup artist, and her specialty - to transform the women with makeup.
She manages to emphasize the dignity and hide all the flaws.Amazing work, some models do not learn after the transformation!

Beauty Contest, "Mrs. Russia"
Beauty contest, "Mrs. Russia" was held during the festival, "My beautiful mom", which promotes family values. Contestants appeared on stage with the children and talked about their families. Moms-to judge the winners gathered Yegor Konchalovsky, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Sergey Zverev and other celebrities.

Vosges Haut-Chocolate
Japanese wasabi, Indian curry, Italian olive oil - a palette of flavors of chocolate Vosges haut-chocolate is very rich and varied:

Festive illuminations lit up the World
On the eve of Christmas in all cities of the world lit illumination.

Creative Games with Light
Amazing game with light.To create such a picture will need a camera with a long shutter speed, flashlights and LEDs.

Pictures of Wire Art
Japanese designer and illustrator, Ayaka Ito  and artist Randy Church have joined forces to create a new work of art.

Tokyo Motor Show 2011
Pre-opening took place last Wednesday, to show the general public will open on Saturday this week. The main novelties are the electric cars and hybrids. In recent auto show in Japan is not particularly popular because of the recession and the fact that the palm at the car went to China. In the auto show does not take part company Ford Motor Co of the United States and most European companies presented their new products at a very modest rigs.

Vintage Christmas Decorations
Several years ago the network was a contest where people are laid out photos of old Christmas decorations and told stories of their appearance in their homes. New Year on the nose, and certainly many of these toys you have at home, it is interesting to remember and compare.

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