Train off the Rails

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In the U.S., the train jumped the rails. Impressive photo

In the English village of Kent were cool battles.Yearly, the 42 th in a row, fighting on the cream cakes.
Measure swords for this contest came sixteen teams from all over the country, but also from Germany and South Africa. This is a real sport.The label hit points are added, and most gave up cake in the face

Thanks to photographer Michael Dominic, we can look at the streets of the capital of Honduras Teguasigalpy employing prostitutes transsexuals.

Yes Now the lives of parents of infants and other little fellow will be on the order of fun! Designer Valentin vaudeville invented the Roller Buggy - wheelchair and scooter in one! In order to ride our safety child of a concept envisaged that the additional safety belt, and hydraulic braking system for the two front wheels with manual control - in case the situation gets out of control. And, incidentally, seat itself can be dismantled - and then certainly with a clear conscience, trusting offspring grandmother, go to "kip" progulku.kolyaska can operate Furthermore, the carriage can operate in "normal" mode, if you use it as a scooter is not conditions allow (for example, is too uneven terrain or the abundance of people around). However, it is still not yet clear whether the producers would risk such a dubious offer to the market in terms of child safety product ...

Everyone knows that a film has a script, and this script must be followed when being filmed. However, sometimes, unscripted things happen which make movies what they become, whether it’s made up lines, or simply new ideas. This list features 15 of the best scenes and lines that were made up by either the actors or directors and were not in the original script.

Brooke Greenberg is 17 years old, but she looks like a little kid. Scientists still struggling on this mystery, because the girl there is no known science of genetic abnormalities. But something still does not entitle her to grow. By the way, her brain does not develop as well as her body.

If you are divorced and do not know what to do with her wedding dress, look at this post and you'll learn how you can let off steam. Maybe you want to annoy her or you just do not like her dress, a lot of reasons, but one way out, look ...

Faces of men and women immediately after the reception of tequila.

Ever since I started this blog I’ve been amazed at what amazing things ordinary people can achieve, if they put their minds to it. And this old Russian craftsman is just another perfect example.
Vladimir Filippovich must have really wanted to be a king, and live in a palace. His desire was so strong that he used his exceptional craftsmanship to transform his home into a breathtaking castle, worthy of being compared to actual royal residences. But human subjects are often traitors who stab you in the back, when you least expect it, so Mr. Filippovich chose to rule over 13 subjects, from the animal kingdom, 11 dogs, and two cats.
His amazing-looking palace is rather noisy, with all his courtiers barking most of the time, but their loyalty and selflessness more than makes up for that. This goes to show you that, with the right skills and a lot of patience, pretty much anyone can be a king and even build their own little kingdom.

Photoshop Fun

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