Celebrity sports fans

Sports teams draw the most fervent fans -- celebrities included. Like you, they want to see a world champ dunk a basketball, watch this shortstop step up to the plate or see this fan favorite throw a touchdown pass. Guess which famous actors, comedians and musicians fill the stands to cheer on their favorite teams.

Famous New York Yankees fans

When Alex Rodriguez hits another homer, these stars are there to cheer him on.

A hip-hop superstar who topped this bling list.This actress was known to root for A-Rod, but is a new A-lister his favorite fan?A billionaire who's also a prominent New York politician.A funnyman who has hosted the Oscar ceremony multiple times.

Famous New York Mets fans

If an inning runs long, you can expect these heavy hitters to keep folks entertained.This whip-smart comedian has his rally hat on for another cause.This comic, whose long-running sitcom about nothing kept us in stitches.This Oscar-nominated femme fatale was known for being a crazy fan of love.

Famous Boston Red Sox fans

Fenway Park has been filled with some celebrity cheerleaders.This actor-director has a new flick that pays homage to his hometown area.This author has written nearly 50 books that keep us up at night.

This jokester plays a firefighter on an FX drama.

Famous Los Angeles Clippers fans

L.A. is big enough for two basketball teams, thanks to some star-studded support.This comedienne-director's accomplishments put her in a league of her own.This "Saturday Night Live" alum looks marvelous in the stands.

Famous Los Angeles Lakers fans

NBA champs ignite fervor from basketball lovers, young and old alike.You can find this Oscar winner courtside with his trademark shades.This actress was the ultimate girl next door.This reality TV star has a vested interest in the game because of her hubby.

Famous Detroit Tigers fans

Even in a tough economy, the Tigers can count on their devotees to hang in there.This rapper wore the team hoodie when he performed at this ballpark.This singer is a No. 1 fan, with a line of beer to boot.His trademark mustache made this actor a sex symbol.

Famous New York Knicks fans

Like the team, Knicks fanatics share lots of passion.This outspoken director is known for his devotion to the team.This wispy-haired entrepreneur tried to lure a certain ex-Cavalier to the team.

Famous Chicago White Sox fans

The American League Sox draw superpower appeal.This leader, who instilled hope in 2008, likes to relax by watching a game or two.This Illinois native plays unconventional heroes onscreen.

Famous Los Angeles Dodgers fans

Even though Joe Torre may retire from the Dodgers, these baseball lovers will remain.This brotherly trio -- and their perfect hair -- surprised their fans with a school concert.This songbird sometimes rests her pipes by attending a game with the team owners.

Famous Philadelphia Eagles fans

Whether quarterback Kevin Kolb is traded or not or if this reformed athlete gets a break, the Eagles will always soar for these celebrities.You may catch this megawatt actor-hip-hop artist getting jiggy with it.This CNBC TV host is mad about money and football.

Famous Pittsburgh Steelers fans

Heinz Field attracts a luminary or two.This rocking country star is always ready for some football.

This versatile performer (who is a Jets fan too) can make you laugh and cry as a star of comedy or drama.This radio show host gives a voice to the political right.A brain hemorrhage couldn't keep this hair-band rocker down.

Famous Dallas Cowboys fans

The Cowboys lost their first two games, but their prospects may improve on the prayers of these personalities.This actor-comedian brought a singing legend to life and won an Oscar.

This reality TV star first dated this athlete and switched teams. But she has reportedly split from this Cowboy.

Famous New Orleans Saints fans

More than a few celebs sat enraptured as the Saints battled to win the Super Bowl this year.

This natural disaster brought out this sexy star's inner philanthropist.She plays the icy mother on this hit drama. Who dat?

Famous Manchester United Football Club fans

When it comes to loving (the other) football, these entertainers can't be beat.A lord of the ring and swashbuckler manages to squeeze in some time for Manchester.Wonder if the karma police sit next to this alt-rock band leader at a game.She's a posh singer and fashion designer and married to a former midfielder.

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