No.1 Alizee, France

Alizee, a French girl who made her debut on a talent show, conquered the whole continent rapidly by publishing her first single "Moi Lolita". Alizee was born with a knack for art and started to dance at age 4. Alizee's first album sold 4 million copies around the world.

No. 2 Paul Potts, Britain
It is hard to imagine that a 36-year-old cell phone salesman with ordinary looks and various sicknesses could be a talent show star? But such a man does exist, and his name is Paul Potts. Although he never received any professional training, he captivated the audience from the moment the first note came out of his mouth. His rendition of "Nobody shall sleep" was just amazing!

No. 3 Leona Lewis, Britain 
Do you still remember the British girl shining in the "Eight Minutes of London" at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics? The 22-year-old Leona became a superstar and one of the most influential young girl singers rapidly in Britain after appearing on the show "XFactor." Leona's first album "Spirit" sold nearly 376,000 for a record in the first week.

No. 4 Li Yuchun, China
China's super girl Li Yuchun had already transferred her short-term popularity into long-term productive forces. Li is actually a super idol rather than just a pop singer. She even doesn't need to do anything, because her name itself is news. Wherever she might be, numbers of fans will be there too.

No. 5 William Hung, U.S.
Since Chinese-American William Hung, whose Chinese name is Kong Qingxiang, stepped on the stage of "American Idol," the man was fated to become a star, not only because his singing was always out of tune and his funny performance, but more because of his courage. Although he failed to enter the final round of the show, his first music album did sell very well in America.

No. 6 Shada Hassoun, Iraq
The winning performance of Shada Hassoun on Star Academy 4, a famous show in Lebanon, not only resulted in the girl kneeling and covering herself with an Iraqi national flag, but also set off gunfire in many big Iraqi cities. However, the gunfire was not because of region conflict, but to celebrate Shada Hassoun's victory.

No. 7 Angela Pusateri
The 79-year-old Angela Pusateri, a retired actress and ex-belly dancer, joined many amateur singer shows in last four years and finally became a famous rap singer. However, Angela's original motivation was just to get much closer with her granddaughter. After Angela became famous, she even issued her first album of "Who is your grandma?"

No. 8 Connie Talbot
This cute little British girl is only 7 years old this year. Last year, she participated in the "Britain's Got Talent" show and won second place. One of the judges applauded little Connie as "the world's best 6-year-old singer." Her video on the Internet was clicked more than 10 million times, and some even predicted that her album was going to bring her 15 million pounds a year.

No. 9 Chloe Marshall
In the competition for Miss U.K. 2008, a special girl won second place. She is Chloe Marshall, and the most surprising thing about her victory is that she was of considerably larger proportions than the other contestants. The clothes she wore in the competition were No. 50, but most clothes of other contestants were No. 34. Chloe Marshall proved to world that a fat girl could not only live better, but also could win Miss U.K.
No. 10 Jessica Gaulke
The 22-year-old Jessica Gaulke was crowned the Queen in a Minnesota beauty contest, beating other beauties by her gorgeous looks and wisdom. However, Jessica decided to give up the Queen's crown and join the army. She said that she was going to serve in U.S. armed forces for one year in Iraq as an average soldier.

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