The bear, called Santra, had just woken from a nap when she sat down and went into a 15 minute yoga routine, reaching out to bend her legs into painful-looking positions.
The adult bear entertained crowds at the Ahtari Zoo in Finland, who watched her yoga routine with amazement.The hilarious display was captured on camera by visitor Meta Penca, a 29-year-old web programmer from Slovenia.
She held her legs with her hands for a minute or two in a V position and then put them down and relaxed.
Then she put up her left leg and put it straight with her hands and held it with her left hand for a bit.'
Then she lifted the other leg, straightened it and held it with her right hand for around two minutes and then had a little rest and then all over again.
It was exactly the same as when you see people do yoga - easy, slow, focused and calm
'She looked pretty into it, a really straight face, no looking around just very serious and calm and kept her eyes slightly opened and focused.
and it's important too for the dedicated yoga practitioner to take a break between stretches.

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