Star Fathers with Sons
Fathers' Day - an annual holiday celebrated in many countries. For the first time the celebration of this day was June 19, 1910 in the USA. Initiated the creation of this holiday is called Mrs. Dodd, of Washington. She would like to thank my father, and his face - all caring fathers of America who participate in the upbringing of children. We offer you the pictures of star fathers with their offspring.
1. Tom and Connor Cruise. The actor and his adopted son, fifteen year, not only are both fans «Lakers» (in the photo they support their favorite team during the game against «Hornets» New Orleans 27 March), but they do not even exactly the same radiant smile in a million watts! You have not yet gone blind.
2. Gavin and Kingston Rossdeyly. Give careful parents! Fashion Week in New York in September 2010, the rocker appeared in the company's five dudes Kingston.
3. Sean Hopper and Penna. We got that show twins? The actor and his seventeen year old offspring at the Cannes Film Festival during the premiere of "Where you been» May 20. How do they look like!
4. Guy and Rocco Ritchie. The director of "Sherlock Holmes" appeared at the premiere of his creation in New York, accompanied by ten offspring.
5. Spike Lee and Jackson. The director and his fourteen-year-son to play his favorite team, the New York «Knicks», against a team «Celtics» from Boston to Madison Skvear Garden, April 24.
6. Matthew McConaughey and Levi. And the suits something similar! Star dad with a son two years out of a church in Malibu on June 5.
7. Tom and Colin Hanks. The eyes of father and son are absolutely identical. And they almost dressed alike, and both actors. Photo taken during the premiere of "The Great Buck Howard»(« The Great Buck Howard »), which played both, and Tom, and Colleen, 18 January 2008.
8. Bitza Suisse and Kassem Dean. Four-year son nestled in the lap of his father during the match, the teams «Hornets» New Orleans against the New York team «Knicks» Skvear at Madison Garden on March 2.
9. Russell Crowe and Charles. Here it is, the influence of westerns! Seven-year Charles in a cowboy outfit clearly mimics the hero dad from the movie "The Train to Hume»(« ​​3:10 to Yuma »), which was released in 2007.
10. Usher, Usher Raymond Wee and Naviyd. Charming, sons of the singer, who three and two years respectively, the pope is very similar - and inherited his boundless charm. The photo was taken at the premiere: "Justin Bieber: never say never" on February 8 in Los Angeles.
11. Donald Trump, Eric ... and another Donald Trump - Junior. Trio at the opening of the hotel Trump Soho Hotel in Manhattan, April 9, 2010.
12. Will and Jaden Smith. Now we know who has twelve handsome learns to smile for a million dollars - of course, have their own pope! Photo taken during the premiere of "Karate-kid» in July 2010.

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