Unusual ice House
Ice-house existed, and even made history. Probably the longest memory of his left one that was built a short time, there was a few weeks to amuse the sunset days of the Empress Anna Ioannovna. The rumor about him swept across the world, giving rise to many legends, myths and fairy tales. True story and fiction in these traditions are mixed intricately and firmly and affected nearly one hundred years later in the Novel II Lazhechnikova "Ice House".

Now the ice houses and hotels are used to attract wealthy visitors who want thrills and exoticism.
Heat fans should not settle at these hotels, since the temperature in them is constant and not very tall - minus 5 degrees. Despite this, there is no rebound from wanting to spend time, and even spend the night in subzero temperatures, have not translated yet fans of the exotic.
New Year's holidays provide an opportunity to travel, keeping intact put vacation. And recently, modern man more like exotics. Increasingly, tourists go there, where even in the room temperature does not rise above
To create the exteriors and interiors invite some well-known designers that can be felt in interior design this ice sculptures and decorations are very beautiful.
Actually, the whole structure entirely made of frozen water, right up to the arches and ceilings, heating, there can not be determined.
In some hotels the rooms there is a transparent roof, so you can watch the beautiful northern lights.
Delicate and colorful lights emanating from the walls, only adds to the romance. Dim light, so the hotel has a shadow.
But provided the traditional, tried and tested method of increasing the centuries of internal degrees, as you know it's strong drinks, the bar offers a full range of known alcohol, and opponents of alcohol must be content with hot tea and coffee.
In this case you can not smoke in the bar and dance, as it adversely affects the ice. However, this so nothing compared with the sensations experienced by the visitors who come to this icy realm.
Sleep, sit and lean have exclusively to ice products, all furniture, including beds, chairs and tables, ice, a situation somewhat mitigates the presence of reindeer skins.

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