Last year we wrote about the phone Just5 CP09, which the public dubbed "babushkofonom. At this time, would like to introduce you to update your phone model CP10. By and large there is little technical difference  increased size of the display and the vibrating alert option added, which are lacking in the previous version. But the design has undergone significant changes. And the variety of colors rife. The basic ideology of the phone lies in its simplicity and usability of the elderly and people with impaired vision / hearing. Or as a second phone.

The keyboard is not just big, it's awesome. Click on the buttons conveniently absolutely anything with your finger - do not miss. Illuminated keyboard, as well as the display - an orange.

- Telephone
- Battery
- Charger
- wired headset

 At the top end are the LED flashlight, charger connector and an input for headset / headphones. LED flashlight, not bright, but the light should be enough to freely pass through the dark entrance and find the door hole. .
Radio, as well as on the last model uses a built-in antenna. Hands-free does not improve the quality of reception. It seemed to me, the radio in this phone - a very weak side. During testing the phone, I was in the Moscow area, and being in the building of the phone could not catch a single radio frequency, while the other phone using the headset as an antenna - perfectly caught the radio.

If we take as a basis for CP09 and all comparisons to build on this, the new cool phone has changed. It's no longer the stump of glossy plastic, which is very unpleasant to handle. Phone is made of high quality and pleasant to the touch materials - rubberized plastic (soft-touch coating). The entire perimeter of the front bezel is made of metal.

 NSleva a button on / off the radio and rocker for volume control.
 On the back side of lonely is the button SOS. I honestly do not understand why the company decided to make it JUST5 switch, which is very easy to turn, pulling the phone out of his pocket, or even during a call, because Hold the phone in my hand, my finger rested exactly in the button. And when you consider all that noise and panic, the phone begins to direct activation button SOS, then, to put it mildly, it is unlikely anyone will like it. In the last version of the phone it was made much easier, and eliminates accidental pressing. For those who do not know what button SOS: When you activate the SOS button is sending text messages to pre-programmed phone numbers, and then the phone starts nazvanivat on those numbers, and it all happens under the creepy, nasty and very loud roar.


Monochrome screen with CP10 «grown and now has 3 lines of text + a line of official information on the status of the battery level, reception, etc. Illumination is the same - orange, even. Afternoon in the sun, it is invisible, but the screen is perfectly readable.

 At the bottom of the phone is a microphone and an ear for the strap.

Control of the phone is very convenient and easy, but just in case proizvodiel staffed phone a colorful statement with a large font. Everything is intuitive. Of all the options available only to set the date and time, choose one of the two languages (Russian / English) and an alarm clock. The latter can be configured for a single call, either on weekdays. Can be set as ringtones one of 10 polyphonic melodies, written in memory of the phone. Unfortunately, his melodies can not be installed, and available quickly bored. Of the nice additions to the manufacturer includes a simple calculator.

Phone can send and receive only the most ordinary SMS messages. MMS and EMS is not supported. Sending is carried out as a single recipient, and en masse, with the choice of names from the phone book.

 Right - Switch flashlight, and turn it can be even when the phone is turned off, and switch the phone lock. Blocking was done somehow not logical. Will lock the phone unless you are in the main menu. In radio mode, by browsing the phone book or writing SMS lock the phone will not work.

Battery in the phone - it's forte. The battery capacity is 1000 mAh. The manufacturer claims that this is enough for 8 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time. Since the phone is devoid of any external features that are inherent in smart phones, then spend the battery is really not that besides the direct appointment of the phone. In my case - I found the battery manufacturer's charge and not charging the phone immediately began to use it. When talking about total of 70 minutes and 10 sent SMS phone worked 7 days to complete exhaustion. An excellent result.

Specifications Just 5 CP10:Standard GSM, 900, 1800Case type monoblockThe map colors monochrome screenFM-radio isVoice Features speakerphoneAdditionally, an alarm clock, kulkulyator, flashlight, emergency SOS buttonBattery, 1000 mAh, Li-Ion, time of talk time 8 hours / Standby 200 hoursDimensions mm 107,6 x50, 8x17, 2Weight, g 98

Less:- Radio- Price
Pros:- Assembly- Battery- The size of the buttons and screen

If we evaluate this device as a phone for children or young people, it is rather suitable for the role of a second phone. Unlike the clumsy design models CP09, CP10 is a hint at the design and manufacturer of this suggests, logos showing off all sorts of awards and nominations, which won this phone. The assembly is just excellent, the phone does not creak and not play. Case material is pleasant to the touch. He did not soiled and leaves no trace on the touch. He is excellent in hand. And after touching begin to think about buying it, even though their phones are already so many that even though the museum opens. The only thing that may scare young people - a polyphonic ringtones. This is clearly not what people expect in 2011. So for the money, which asks a manufacturer, could equip the phone downloadable MP3 tunes, or at least pre-grade musical tunes.
As for older persons ", then all is good, but the factor of price. Competitors in the market is not small, for example: Texet, Voxtel, Fly. Moreover, our competitors bolsheknopochnyh phone prices are much lower. Interestingly, when all the while Just5 sell more and better. CP10 is clearly more intended for a younger generation that will buy the phone as a gift loved ones. Estimated cost of the phone is 3900 rubles. By calling itself the claims in this case, no, he's clean and simple, reliable and convenient. When using the phone is unlikely to cause problems with dial or inconvenience huge display. Speaker volume that would be enough even to talk on the subway. Offers even more options for body colors.
I really liked the phone CP10, but his relatives, I had already bought the previous model - CP09, which is almost a year has established itself as a very reliable phone, which never caused any problems.

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