Phrases of 2010 quiz
Can you remember why certain phrases were so important this year?
From Sarah Palin’s combo word to the name of that pesky Icelandic volcano, 2010 expanded our vocabulary with both new terms and fresh spins on old standards. Discover the year’s top words in the following quiz.

Sarah Palin
1. Sarah Palin coined “refudiate.” It combines “refuse” and a word that means...

‘Top kill’
2. BP’s failed “top kill” procedure tried to stop an oil spill with drilling mud combined with what?

3. Who was the victim of a “Leno-giver,” someone who leaves a job and then wants it back?

4. What did the “Eyjafjallajökull” volcano affect in 2010?

President Barack Obama
5. President Barack Obama described his party’s election losses with a word that also means what?

6. Where was “antimatter” trapped for the first time in history?

Angry traveler
7. An angry traveler warned airport security agents not to touch his…

8. After “bullying” made tragic headlines, who revealed in a PSA their own teenage suicide attempt?

9. “Flotilla” was in the news after an incident off the Israel coast. What language does the word come from?

Christine O’Donnell
10. After an old video clip surfaced, U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell declared, “I am not a...

‘Austerity measures'
11. What famous figure personifies “austerity measures”?

Chilean miners
12. Rescuers of the Chilean miners drilled supply holes nicknamed “palomas.” What does the Spanish word mean?

13. WikiLeaks sparked debate about “transparency.” Which of the following lacks it?

Movie villains
14. Which movie villain is capable of “seepage,” a concern during BP’s oil spill?

15. Scientists might have discovered “arsenic-based” life. Who might have experienced arsenic-based death?

16. “Totem” is Ojibwe for an object with spiritual significance. In “Inception,” what is Leonardo DiCaprio’s totem?

Trendy clothing
17. What’s the word for the trendy garment Conan O’Brien recently wore?

18. “Hockey mom” is so 2008. Sarah Palin’s 2010 maternal moniker was “Mama” what?

President Ronald Reagan
19. President Barack Obama is to “Obamacare,” as President Ronald Reagan is to his name plus...

Sports fans
20. “Vuvuzelas” are popular with fans of what sport?

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