Feng Zeng, a 37-year- old car mechanic in east-central China's Henan Province, recently became a web celebrity for his creative conversion of an ordinary mini-bus into a motor home, which has been called "coolest motor home ever" by Chinese netizens.

All five members of Feng's family live in the motor home, and many netizens call it the "most depressing interpretation of many Chinese people's dream of having a car and a house." Some media reports said that Feng is an example of wage earners who cannot afford a house even after working for several years because of the unreasonably high housing prices.

There is a "bedroom," a "living room," and two beds side by side in the 10-square-meter "motor home." Feng, his wife Liu Zongying and their three children can only bunch up on beds when sleeping at night.

In front of the two beds is the "living room" where there is a writing desk for the children to do homework, and a 10-inch second-hand color TV set placed on another desk. The TV antenna is outside the bus, and has been damaged in the rain several times. They normally eat in the "living room," which is also a study for the kids.

Seen from a distance, the blue-and-white bus is covered with rust. Its wheel hubs are rusty, the windshield wiper fell off long ago, and the rearview mirrors are now used as makeup mirrors by Feng's wife and his two daughters.

In fact, it is not that Feng cannot afford a house. He just does not want to be a "home mortgage slave," and is more willing to use the money to expand his business. He feels happy even though he has to live in a mini-bus.

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