Flying giants: Incredibly rare display as manta rays leap 9ft out of water into the air

They could be mistaken for strange-looking birds but these creatures are actually manta rays, leaping a staggering nine feet in the air.

The plucky animals, which measure just over three feet wide, demonstrate their acrobatic skills by bursting out of the water.

Once airborne they to flap their impressive fins in what looks like an attempt to fly.

Graceful: Looking as though it's flapping its 'wings' the amazing animal leaps through the air
 Incredibly rare: Roland and Julia Seitre were treated to an extraordinary acrobatic display
Water leap! A manta ray soars out of the sea a staggering three metres in the air
 Somersault: Two flying manta rays put on a display before diving back into the water

And, if they're feeling particularly playful, some even manage a somersault before plummeting back into the water with an impressive splash.
Photographers Roland and Julia Seitre captured the spectacle off the coast of Costa Rica, Central America.

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