Book for 5 Minutes

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Last year started production Espresso Book Machine (EBM) - print and stitching machine in one.
Previously, such devices cost between one million dollars, the average price of EBM - $ 100 000 It's like a miracle.
The machine can print, sew and wrap the book in five minutes. In the car loaded about a million books.
It is about 38 miles of bookshelves. The book of 150 pages for the buyer is $ 6, from 150 to 400 pages - $ 10
File format - PDF, ie, the book can be well decorated. The volume of the book: from 40 to 850 pages.
The size of the book: anything from 8.5 "x 11" to 4.5 "x 4.5" The only negative - soft cover, but it pays a low price and a huge assortment of publications.
And there is no difficulty to the rental shop and warehouse. You can forget about unsold runs and stolen buyers of the book ...

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